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Yoga: Principles, Importance, 5 minutes Yoga For Office Going People | Yoga Overall Health

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Yoga: Principles, Importance, 5 minutes Yoga For Office Going People | Yoga Overall Health


Our busy life makes us more stress; nature gives the extraordinary thing to make our health stable and good for long living life that is “YOGA”. Yoga defines “join” together. Yoga enhances our endurance, strength, unite the body and mind together.

Principles of yoga:

  • Yama – Control of the Mind
  • Niyama – Follow rules
  • Asana – Postures
  • Pranayama – Controlled Breathing
  • Pratyahara – Complete relaxation
  • Dharana – Attain consciousness of the body
  • Dhyana – Concentration and Awareness
  • Samadhi – State of Absolute Awareness

Why is yoga important?

Yoga can make human to live a long life without medicines and diseases naturally. It gives a stable life for us. Yoga has many health benefits like bringing peace inside, improve your health, boost the immune system, improve flexibility, and relieve stress Practically, we don’t have enough time to do yogasanas in our busy hectic schedules. Here we can see the simple and fewer time yogasanas for busy peoples.

Top yoga institute in Chennai:

Yogft :

Address: No.19, Second Floor, B Block, Second Avenue Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai 600 102 +91-44-48581361 | +91-9962991361

Asana Andiappan College of Yoga & Research Centre:

No.16, 21st Main Road,Anna Nagar West, Chennai -600 040. Tamil Nadu, India Ph# : +91 44 4551 3701

The Chennai Iyengar School of Yoga Centre:

Yoga Teacher: Shri K. Nilavazhagan @ Senthil, B.Sc.Yoga, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Address: Plot No.117, D.No.20, Third Street, Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani, Chennai 600026, Tamilnadu, South India. Telephone : +91 044 2362 0071 Mobile : +91 98940 41239, +91 92452 33650, +91 92837 85573.

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram:

Mandaveli: New No.31, 4th Cross Street, Rama Krishna Nagar, Mandaveli, Chennai – 600028, INDIA +91 44 2493 7998 / 3092 Kilpauk: No. 25, Thiru Narayanan Avenue, Off New Avadi Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600010, INDIA +91 72999 01100

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre:

3/655, Kaveri Nagar Beach Road, Kottivakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600 041 M: +919176106790

Atma Gnana Yoga:

ATMA GNANA MAYYAM ( AGY ASHRAM) No. 1, Rajaji street, PUDUPAKKAM VILLAGE CHENNAI – 603 103 (Kelambakkam-Vandallur Highway) (From Kelampakkam after, Chettinad Hospital Gate) (Near : Gandhimathi Appliances, then ask for Pudupakkam Panchayat Office) Guruji : 98840-96457 Mr. S. M. Kumar : 98409-40804

Rutland Gate Studio:

Rutland Gate Studio @ Luz House, Luz House, 176 Luz Church Road, Mylapore Chennai 600004, Tamil Nadu, India.

5 minutes yoga for office going people:

Mountain pose with prayer hands: Stand and up your palms face together in the chest Mountain pose with arms up: Inhale when raising your hands up and place hands above your shoulders. Standing side bend: While in the same posture of mountain pose arms up, hold your right wrist on the left hand then bend left side.

Standing backend:

While in the same posture of mountain pose arms up, bend back till mid of the back for few seconds. These are the five minutes yoga that you can do before you go to the office.

Yoga for health:

Yoga for lower back pain:

Back pain is being as prominent health problem among us. People up to 40 ages can do these yogasanas. You can do this yogasanam in morning or also in the evening.

  • Apanasana:


Grab your knee, hug it, pull it close to your chest .this yogasanam can relieve your back pain because you lift your leg up as much as you can, that makes relief from back pain.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Sucirandhrasana:


Pose stretches and opens the shoulders, chest, arms, upper back, and neck. It releases the tension held in the upper back and between the shoulder also reduce the spine which further reduces tension.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana :


The slight bend of your back will happen in your lower back, giving it the small stretch it needs.

Youtube : Click Here

Yoga to control blood pressure:

  • Shishuasana:


Relieves stress and fatigue and also normalizes blood circulation.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Paschimottanasana :


It helps to reduce fatty deposits in the abdominal region. It also acts as an effective stress reliever and normalizes high blood pressure.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Shavasana :


It relieves stress, depression, and fatigue. It helps the body relax and sound sleep. It also stimulates blood circulation.

Yoga for stress:

  • Sukhasana:


sukhasana has some great benefits in addition to promoting inner calm such as opens your hips, lengthens your spine, amplifies the state of serenity and eliminates anxiety, relieves physical and mental exhaustion and tiredness.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Marjaryasana:


Marjaryasana also benefits overall health by stimulating the digestive tract and spinal fluid. For proper alignment, place wrists directly under the shoulders and knees under the hips.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Uttana Shishosana:


This pose also relieves symptoms of chronic stress, tension, and insomnia.

Youtube : Click Here

Yoga for insomnia:

  • Uttanasana:


Uttanasana also called the Padahasthasana is a standing forward bend which gives the back muscles a good stretch and helps stimulate the nervous system and increases the blood supply.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Balasana:

Layout 1

Balasana gives the back a deep, relaxing stretch. It also helps calm the nervous system, thus inducing better sleep.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Baddha Konasana:


Baddha Konasana helps you get rid of the long hours of fatigue from walking or standing. This asana truly helps you to sleep better.

Youtube : Click Here

Yoga for menstruation:

  • Janu Sirsasana:


Extend your right leg and place the sole of your left foot on your right inner thigh then stretch your toe with your fingers.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Supta Baddha Konasana:

Stay in a reclined position with your knees bent. Release your knees out to the sides and face your feet each other. Supta Baddha Konasana goddess pose is all about opening your groin and hips and relaxing.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Paschimottanasana:


Bring both legs outstretched for a forward bend. Lengthen the spine in a seated position before coming forward. Imagine the pelvis as a bowl that is tipping forward as you come down.

Youtube : Click Here

Yoga for neck and shoulder:

  • Sasangasana:


Tightly grasp your heels as you inhale to lift your hips towards the sky. Try to bring your forehead to touch your knees and lightly rest crown of the head on the floor.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Dhanurasana:


kick your ankles into your palms and send your chest forward, place in the floor and if you feel like you are bending the lower back, don’t lift so high.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Matsyasana:


Lie down flat slide your hands, palms facing down, under Touch your thumbs together. Extend your legs onto the floor and feet together. Inhale and lift your heart to the sky, and roll the crown of the head onto the floor.

Youtube : Click Here

Yoga for sugar patients:

  • Kapal Bhati pranayama :


Sit and close your eyes and keep the spine straight. Now take a deep breath (inhale deeply) through your both nostrils until your lungs are full with air. Now exhale through both nostrils forcefully, so your stomach will go deep inside. As you exhale you feel some pressure in your stomach.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Trikonasana:


Keep distance between your legs about 3 to 4 feet. Extend your arms at the shoulder level then Inhale and raises your right arm by the side of your head. Ensure that the right arm becomes parallel to the ground. Do the same procedure with the left arm.

Youtube : Click Here

  • Bhujangasana


Lie on your stomach and place your forehead on the floor. Slowly up your feet together, or hip-width apart. Place your hands underneath your shoulders, keeping your elbows close to your body and your elbows looks upward. Then raise your head slightly upward.

Youtube : Click Here

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**This article taken from own knowledge and variant sources

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Yoga: Principles, Importance, 5 minutes Yoga For Office Going People | Yoga Overall Health
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