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World population day 2018: Date, Theme, History, Celebration, Quotes, Messages, Slogans

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World population day 2018: Date, Theme, History, Celebration, Quotes, Messages, Slogans

World population day is being celebrated over the world among the people to create the awareness about the population growth. It is necessary to be aware of the reproductive health. A crucial investment is needed to satisfy the demands of reproductive health.

It is must to give healthy pregnancy to every woman. It is our social responsibility to give knowledge about sexuality and the importance of getting married at a matured age. So that we are able to make understand them and fulfil their responsibilities at the same time, we can educate them in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.


World population day 2018 date: 11th July, Wednesday

Every year world population day has a different theme. Last year 2017 world population day theme was Family Planning- Empowering People.

Theme of world population day 2018: “Family planning is a human right”

History of world population day:

World Population Day was initiated by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989. This is due to the enormous growth of population in 1987 crossed 5 billion. According to the decisions of the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in the year 1989, 11th July every year should be celebrated as the World Population Day in order to raise the awareness among the common public and to solve the real solutions to combat with the population growth issue.

How does world population day celebrate?

World population day is celebrated in different ways by organizing a variety of activities, events to draw the attention of people to work together on the issues of growing population. Some of the activities like seminars, essay writing competition, public contests on various topics, sports activity, speeches, slogans, themes and messages distribution, TV channels, conferences etc.

World population day 2018 new quotes, messages:

  • By empowering health, empowering women, population growth comes down – bill gates
  • When the family is small whatever little they have they are able to share, there is peace A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero”. – Garrett Hardin
  • The point of population stabilization is to reduce or minimize misery”. – Roger Bengston
  • “Yet food is something that is taken for granted by most world leaders despite the fact that more than half of the population of the world is hungry”. – Norman Borlaug

World population day 2018 slogans:

  • Celebrate World Population Day to enjoy lesser crowd in future.
  • Save the earth from over-exploitation caused by over population.
  • Adopt a child instead of giving birth to your own child.
  • Control overpopulation to remain away from starvation.
  • Take part in campaign celebration to be aware of overcrowding.

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World population day 2018: Date, Theme, History, Celebration, Quotes, Messages, Slogans
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