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Nivar – Do’s and Don’ts before and after cyclone

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                       As cyclone named ‘Nivar’ is moving at an impressive speed and is setting out toward the Tamilnadu coast, and the provincial meteorological focus has anticipated substantial rains and winds in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Cuddalore areas. It is probably going to increase into a cyclonic tempest during the following 24 hours.

Anglers are as of now prompted against wandering into the ocean. Taking into account violent climate figures, here is some basic information to Do’s and Don’ts while ad before the cyclone…


What can be normal for those in the way of Cyclone Nivar?

Winds seething between 90 – 110-km every hour at the hour of landfall

Disturbance to media communications lines and force because of solid breezes

Separation of the web, satellite TV, and phone administrations

Impermanent disturbance to train and air travel

Substantial to amazingly hefty precipitation with blustery breezes at the hour of landfall (as long as 2 hours till the tempest crosses the district)

Broad harm to covered roofed houses, homes with asbestos sheets and tinned rooftops

Dislodging of the rooftops and transitory havens.

Immersion of parking spots, low-lying zones and fields

Wet dividers, spilling rooftops and breaking of glass sheets of windows, prompting a fragmenting of little glass pieces

Tempest flood can carry saline water to ranches

Removing of trees and felling of frail branches, which can cause street terminations

Here is the list of do’s:

Free things outside your home should be tied

Switch off gas flexibly

Keep your cell phones

Tune in to radio an watch the TV

Keep your archives and important documents in a plastic pack

Separate the force flexibly

Set up a survival pack

On the off chance that your home isn’t protected, move yourselves

Here is the list of don’ts:

Try not to spread or trust in gossipy news. Remain quiet, and don’t freeze

Try not to endeavor to ride or drive any vehicle during the cyclone

Try not to take off from sharp articles free in your home

Try not to move any harmed individual except if it is protected to do as such. It might cause more mischief

Try not to permit oil and some other combustible substances to spill. Clean them right away

Avoid broken electric wires and posts, and other sharp articles on the off chance that you are outside

Cyclone helplines for Greater Chennai Corporation

Phone number 044 2538 4530

Phone number 044 2538 4540

State helpline:

Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management

Phone number1070

District helpline:

Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management

Phone number1077


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**This article taken from own knowledge and variant sources

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Nivar – Do’s and Don’ts before and after cyclone
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