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Premium Volvo Bus for rent in Chennai to make a memorable trip

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Premium Volvo bus for rent in Chennai  to make a memorable trip

A luxurious bus is available for rent in Chennai from the Prompt Tours & Travel service. Can you rent a bus to make your family’s one-day journey to Chennai special?

Why should you go with a Prompt Travel agency?

Prompt travelling service can provide you with top-notch Bus for rent in Chennai. The prompt travel agency is the most well-known travel agency in Chennai, and we provide affordable vehicle rental services.

We offer well-trained and courteous drivers if you require a car with a driver. Use a fast travel agency in Chennai to make your journey more delightful.

Why should people choose a tourist bus for long trips?

Tourist buses are preferred for long-distance travel since they are less expensive than using a train or a plane. Furthermore, they offer comfort and convenience that other modes of transportation do not, such as onboard entertainment, increased leg space, and air conditioning.
Tourist buses are also more dependable than other modes of transportation, as they generally offer confirmed departure times, fewer delays, and superior service. With a Volvo bus rental in Chennai, make your next convenient trip with Prompt Tours and Travels.


Tourist Bus for Rent in Chennai:

Tourism buses can be huge & opulent, so only Tourism Buses Rentals can ideal for long-range and longer trips. Chennai Tours is effective and adept at offering these advanced trips to consumers within the nation, and enjoy the best Volvo Bus Rental in Chennai with Prompt Tours and travels, for the lowest pricing.

Tourist Bus for rent in Chennai is greatly maintained with good upkeep, so no external noises can be noticed while travelling, ensuring a comfortable journey. Over 50 people can sit comfortably in these buses, making them ideal for extended trips to temples as well as outstations.

What kinds of bus trips do prompt tours and travels offer?

  • Corporate Trips
  • Pilgrimage Trips
  • Education Trips
  • Family Trips
  • Culture Trips

Corporate trips:

If you’re planning a corporate trip, Prompt travel service offers buses for rent in Chennai. We offer premium Volvo buses that are comfortable and provide a seamless travel for your corporate getaway.

Pilgrimage Trips:

Indians are recognised for their devotion to tradition and spirituality, when it comes to the southern region of India, this assertion is evident. The growth of ancient kingdoms resulted in the development of an incredible diversity of temples, which adds to the spiritual holiness. Get a bus for rent in Chennai and check out Prompt Tours & Travels’ day trip packages.

Education Trips:

Schools frequently organize educational tours for their pupils in order to increase their learning experience. Educational travel can aid students in a variety of ways, including increasing their knowledge, fostering autonomous study, and offering a fun learning experience.

Are you planning for a study trip from Chennai? Any outstation perhaps? or towards Chennai? No matter where you are travelling to or from, Prompt travels service provides an affordable service for you.

Family Trip:

Family vacations are an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together and create long-lasting memories. Family vacations can include a variety of activities ranging from sightseeing to amusement parks and beaches. When the family arrives at their location, they can participate in the scheduled activities as well as explore the surrounding region.

Family vacations can be a terrific opportunity to bond, explore, and learn. And create memories to last a lifetime. You can also book a bus for rent in Chennai and look into the day excursion packages offered by Prompt Tours & Travels.

25 Seater - Mini Coach

Culture Trips:

Cultural excursions can be an excellent way to become acquainted with the sights, sounds, and flavours of a new location. There are many possibilities to immerse oneself in a new culture, from trying local food to touring historical places to attending festivals.

Cultural vacations, whether a short weekend trip or a week long adventure, can be a fun, instructive, and memorable way to experience the world. Are you planning a cultural trip from Chennai to outstation or vice versa? Prompt travel service offers bus for rent in Chennai.

What are the places to visit in Chennai for first-time visitors?

Chennai is the epicentre of South Indian culture, tradition, and rituals. South India is well-known for its vibrant architectural masterpieces in the form of temples, as well as a plethora of natural picturesque sites; With an astounding array of attractions to impress and engage travellers, ranging from the ancient to the modern, and from the environment to architectural design.

With the previous name of Madras in mind, one can visit several tourist attractions in Chennai, including San Thome church, Guindy National Park, Mahabalipuram, Valluvar Kottam, Eliot’s Beach, Marina Beach which welcome everyone to enjoy the fresh air and relaxing winds.

You can plan most of your one-day vacation and excursions in and around Chennai. Here are some helpful details on activities to visit in and around Chennai. Also, you can get a bus for rent in Chennai and check the packages for a day trip that are offered by Prompt Tours and Travels.

Mini Coach Rental

21 Seater

25 Seater

Coach Rental

35 Seater

36 Seater

40 Seater

45 Seater

49 Seater

*Pick-ups & Drops are available from Airport, Central Station, Egmore Station and all other Major locations.

For Local Travel


**For Outstation: Vehicle Cost(Inclusive of 300kms BLOCKED & Driver Batta)Full Day(8 Hrs/80Kms)


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Premium Volvo Bus for rent in Chennai to make a memorable trip
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