IIIT Hyderabad Exam on 24Jun2020 Cab Service from Chennai

Prompt travels are providing an exclusive cab service from Chennai to Hyderabad in this pandemic situation for IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology) Admission Examination at Hyderabad. Prompt travels is a Chennai travel agent who has more than 12 years of experience in the Taxi services Industry. Prompt travels offer special Chennai to Hyderabad packages is […]

Saptha Vidanga Sthalam – Shiva Temples

                           Saptha Vidanga Sthalam – Shiva Temples     In the Vidanga sanctuaries there will be a Thyagarajar moorthi. It is the Saha Umaa Skandha (for the most part called Soomaaskandha) type of Lord Shiva. The Thyagarajar moorthi came out of the inhale(uchisvasam) […]

காயாரோகணசுவாமி கோயில், நாகபட்டினம்

        காயாரோகணசுவாமி கோயில், நாகபட்டினம் Kayarohanaswami (shiva) and Neelayadakshi Amman Temple located at Nagapattinam District in Tamilnadu. The main deity is Lord Shiva and Amman Neelayadakshi. The idol of Thyagaraja made of precious blue stone called lapis lazuli and the eyes of the amman Neelayadakshi (அருள்மிகு நீலாயதாட்சி அம்மன்) also blue in color. This […]

Mela Kadambur Amirthakadeswarar Temple–History,Architecture and Pooja details

Mela Kadambur Amirthakadeswarar Temple – History, Architecture and Pooja details Mela Kadambur Amirthakadeswarar Temple (மேலக்கடம்பூர் அமிர்தகடேஸ்வரர் கோயில்) is a 1000 years old and located at Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu and it is well known as Tirukkadambur and also called as Karakkoil. From Tamil artistic sources we discover that there are nine classifications of sanctuary structures […]

Veezhinatheshwarar koil|Tour Package from chennai

  Veezhinatheshwarar koil – Everything you need to know  Tiruveezhimizhalai this is the Siva shetram is situated close to Mayiladuthurai. The managing god is Veezhiazhageeswarar, Netrarpaneswarar and the Ambal Brihadsundarakuchambika the sthala Vriksham is Veezhi and the Theertham Damodara Theertham Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar created the Pathigam. This Sivastalam is viewed as among the holiest […]

Nachiyar Koil|Kal Garudan in Tanjavur|Divya Desam tour

                                   Nachiyar Koil – Kal Garudan in Tanjavur Nachiyar Kovil or Sreenivasa Perumal sanctuary is situated in a spot called Nachiyar Kovil which is somewhere in the range of 10 km from Kumbakonam. This sanctuary is considered as the […]

Ramadan 2020 | The Month of Fasting | Eid al-Fitr

Ramadan 2020 – The Month of Fasting  Consistently, Muslims around the globe commend the sacred month of Ramadan. The occasion is notable for a couple of things, including fasting, lamps, and Eid al-Fitr, the three-day strict banquet that denotes its end. Be that as it may, there’s a lot more to think about Ramadan. To […]

Brahma Koil |trichy temple|Tour Package from Chennai

      Brahma Koil, Thirupattur – Tour Package from Chennai The Brahmapureeswarar Temple is the well-renowned temple for lord Brahma in India. It is one of the sanctuaries that is only from time to time referenced on the rundown of India’s couple of Brahmadev sanctuaries is Bramhapureeshwarar Temple in Thirupattur, 30 kms from Trichy, Tamil […]

Vaitheeswaran Koil

Vaitheeswaran Koil Vaitheeswaran Koil or Pullirukkuvelur is a Hindu temple committed to the god Shiva situated in Tamil Nadu, India. Shiva is loved as Vaitheeswaran or the “Divine force of recuperating” and it is accepted that supplications to Vaitheeswaran can fix illnesses. It is one of the nine Navagraha sanctuaries related to the planet Mars […]

saptha vigraha moorthis temple, Mahalingeswarar, Thiruvidaimarudur

Saptha Vigraha Moorthis Temples – Tour Package Saptha Vigraha moorthis are the seven prime consorts in all Shiva temples located at seven cardinal points around the temple. Mahalingaswamy is the center of all Shivan temples in the region and the Saptha Vigraha moorthis have their own prominent temples situated at seven cardinal points around the temple. Mahalingeswarar […]

Ramayan & Mahabharat retelecast on Doordarshan National (DDNational)

  Ramayan &  Mahabharat  retelecast on Doordarshan National (DDNational) Amidst the coronavirus lockdown time in India, Our government decided to re-telecast 80’s famous mythological series- Mahabharat and Ramayana. In the 80’s, every people shape their Sundays with two iconic series. The Ramayana show was originally telecast from 25 January 1987 to 31 July 1988. The […]

Kabasura Kudineer Preventive Medicine for Coronavirus

Kabasura Kudineer Preventive Medicine for Coronavirus Like ‘Nilavembu’ concoction that does wonders for patients suffering from dengue and chikungunya, the ‘Kabasura Kudineer’ will save patients suffering from swine flu, which is spreading menacingly in a few parts of the country, including Chennai. Since the Siddha formulation provided effective and permanent remedy for chikungunya and dengue, […]

Tamil Actor Dr.Sethuraman.V passed Away

Tamil Actor Dr.Sethuraman.V passed Away   Young Tamil actor Dr.Sethuraman.V, passed away today (Thursday, 26Mar2020) due to a cardiac arrest in Chennai. He was 36 years old who was also a practising dermatologist, passed away in Chennai.     Dr.Sethuraman.V studied dermatology at Annamalai University earning an MBBS and MD. He then went on to […]

2020 Valentines Day Special – PUBG, Gift, promise, Events, Parties, New Movies, Greeting Cards, Restaurants In Chennai

  2020 Valentines Day Special – PUBG, Gift, Promise, Events, Parties, New Movies, Greeting Cards, Restaurants In Chennai It’s the loveliest week of the year, the valentine’s week also called as love week! The week starts from 7th February and ends on 14th February. The love week starts with the Rose Day — Propose Day […]

Coronavirus symptoms, prevention, hospitals care, chennai, kids, elderly people

                           CORONAVIRUS (CoV) Coronavirus (CoV) is a common virus cause an infection in your nose, mouth, eyes. In a severe way, it will affect your respiratory system and put you in trouble with breathing. Viruses affect kids and elderly-people easily or who have […]

shore temple|mamallapuram|world heritage site| unesco      

Shore Temple     Among the prominent World heritage sites listed by UNESCO, The Shore temple occupies an inevitable place. It is located in the Town of Mahabalipuram, on the banks of Bay of Bengal, and the Coromandel shore. It is a visual delight and stands as an example of the finest architecture of Tamil […]

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